Some action is better than no action.

OMG, it’s been almost 3 weeks since my last post.  I know Dylan has been coming to me every other day asking, “Dad, did you post anything today?” – only to be told “Not today … daddy’s very busy these few weeks.”

Frankly, I’m feeling somewhat guilty of using ‘busy’ as an excuse for not doing what I have set out to do.  The feeling is unbearable, as deep inside, I felt that my integrity is compromised.  In business, busy is good.  On the surface, ‘busy’ means no time.  In truth, when we are too ‘busy’ for something, it means what we forgo is less important than what we are doing instead.  Face it, we are never going to have enough time in a day to do ALL the things we want to do. It all boils down to the choices we make, doesn’t it?

Today, I choose to do something about it. I choose to start blogging again. You might be pleased to know that I even clocked 20 minutes on the thread mill today too – to regain my momentum in training for a full marathon that I shall attempt this December.

Being away from home (and the loneliness of the hotel room) helps.   Somehow, absence makes the heart fonder.  I feel more compelled to have conversations with you both.  And as I write, an insight emerges … “If something is important enough and worth our energy, taking some action daily, no matter how small it might be, is better than no action.”  After all, that’s how a marathon is conquered – one step at a time.

Incidentally, I will be facilitating a workshop in Dhaka later this week to raise the ‘bias for action’ in a group of talented leaders.  What a perfect timing to have a little more action myself.


Your Dad in Action


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