I’m a proud father of two wonderful boys.  Sean, born in the year of Tiger, is a big fan of Liverpool FC with an incredible gift in memorizing song lyrics, and possibly a very talented singer-songwriter (he doesn’t know it yet).  Dylan, born in the year of Dragon, is a math whizz whom I secretly hope will unravel some of life’s greatest mysteries with his mathematical genius.

While my fatherhood experience is real, the conversations in this blog are imaginary.  It’s my way of speaking with my boys when I’m not physically around them.  That’s the beauty of asynchronous communication …  we don’t need to be present at the same place at the same time – which is a real challenging feat in today’s hectic lifestyle.

In truth, I have had for a long time, a nagging desire to impart some wisdom, lessons, and knowledge to them, while I still can.  You never know when life pulls a surprise on you …  and hence, I have long stopped assuming that I will be around to say all these to my boys when they need my counsel.  With the same fatherly intention as G. Kingsley Ward did in the mid 80’s through Letters from a Businessman to His Son, Daily Conversations with Dad is my means to offer some guidance to this two promising young men using the technology of our times.

I thank God for blessing me with a loving wife and two good-natured boys, and for granting me the joys of a happy, healthy, and fulfilling family life.

To all the moms and dads who happen to chance upon this blog, my wish is that you find in here, either the stimulus or inspiration that urges you make time to connect more frequently with your children.

Lastly, to Sean and Dylan, may you find these conversations meaningful and useful, when the time is ripe for you.




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