The Secret to Great Relationships begin with the letter ‘R’

I was watching a video titled “boy slaps his brother with the ipad” that has been showing up in various Facebook posts lately, and couldn’t help thinking of you boys.

While I think it’s perfectly normal for brothers to occasionally get onto each others’s nerves (mum and dad do the same too), the behaviors exhibited by the brothers in the video isn’t OK.  I’m thankful that this hasn’t happened at our home, although it reminds me of the frequent ‘mutual irritation’ that occurs between the two of you.

I want you to know that there is one fundamental ingredient that when missing in a relationship, will most definitely spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E.  This applies to all kinds of relationships, be it between siblings, parents and children, couples, friends, neighbours, or colleagues.

What is this secret ingredient that is vital to having great relationships?

Just remember the first letter in ‘relationship’ … ‘R’ for R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  Put in another way, without mutual respect, relationship won’t work.  To respect another is to honor his or her dignity and choices.  And when you genuinely respect a person, you will also avoid behaving in disrespectful manners such as criticizing, blaming, complaining, irritating, making fun of, shaming, threatening, and inflicting physical, psychological, or emotional harm.  Are you guilty of any of the above? Simply STOP doing it, BE respectful, and experience the magic that such simple changes can bring to your relationships, especially with people who matter to you.


Your Respectful Dad


1 thought on “The Secret to Great Relationships begin with the letter ‘R’

  1. just to share some conversation of sean and dylan on ipad during recent holiday.

    Sean: Enuff of today for the screen already, dill !!!
    ( dylan on ipad for another minute then sat down for monopoly deal)

    Dylan: are you playing pool or ipad ??!!
    (sean kept alternating between pool and ipad)
    Dylan and uncleKH: come on, keep the ipad la.
    (no respond from sean)
    (sean took a shot and found his ipad missing after that)

    Dylan: sean, come quick! See this! I passed the level! I passed the level.
    Sean: how you do that,dill?
    (both brotherly looking at ipad amused)

    Sean and dylan: where its the ipad, mum?
    Mum: I keep it in a place . So you can stop a while.
    ( both sat down and watched ncis with mum)
    (ipad was actually charging in room)

    Sean and dylan: mum, where is the ipad?
    Mum: ah, I keep it in a place you stop for a while.
    (both sat down and watch ncis with mum)

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