Celebrate the Past, Create the Future

2 more weeks to 2012, and I’m feeling incredibly reflective, as I always do at this time of the year. My mind flips intermittently between looking back to the wonderful events in 2011, and gazing at the future to imagine how the new year shall unfold.

I am truly grateful for a wonderful year – possibly one of the best in recent years.  Spiritually, I took a huge plunge … as you boys witnessed my baptism at the church of St. Mary of the Angels during Easter. Physically, I completed my first half-marathon (and exceeded my original goal of running just 10 km by 100%). Professionally, I became a member of two global firms (Bridge Partnership and Coach in a Box) with an unusual degree of soulfulness and humanness in their approach to doing business.  On the family front, your mother and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary … and I am glad that we managed to spend our Friday evenings learning Aikido together throughout the year.

2011 has been truly spectacular. I thank God for all these blessings, and pray for more good years ahead for all of us.

What about you? How has 2011 been for you? What are you grateful for? Spare some thought on these questions, and jot them down.

What came to mind also, are some thoughts about the future.  I think of the personal changes I wish to make, new goals I set out to achieve, new things I wish to learn, new adventures and experiences we would share as a family … I encourage you to envision what you wish to create, have, and experience in 2012 as well.

Can’t wait to hear from you. When you get back from your vacation, let’s celebrate the past together and share about the future we wish to create in 2012!


Your Reflective Dad


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