Wisdom to know the difference.

I often hear people say, “These days, kids know a lot” or “Kids are very smart.”  That raises a few questions for me, such as … Are we (the adults) less knowledgeable or dumber compared to our children? Has the human species evolved so rapidly such that today’s children are so drastically different from yesterday’s?

I doubt so.  I attribute it to the ‘information age’ or ‘knowledge-based era’ that we now live in – an exciting time when information is literally at our finger tips (with smart phones, iPad, wi-fi, and internet connection of course).  Much of what was once highly priced ‘specialised knowledge’ is now freely available and accessible on the internet.  Who needs to buy another how-to book when a Google search can bring up, within seconds, more articles than one could possibly read in a life time?

Perhaps very soon, knowledge will cease to be in demand anymore. What is needed more  will be WISDOM. There are those who know a lot, yet remain foolish, and those who know little, but are wise. I urge you to start developing wisdom now … starting with one of my favorites that is featured in the famous Serenity Prayer:

God, grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change; 
COURAGE to change the things I can;
and WISDOM to know the difference.

~ Reinhold Niebuhr

I get on with life with a lot more ease and peace of mind, with that wisdom alone.  And I’m particularly struck by the last line … “wisdom to know the difference.” Could be that the  pathway to wisdom, lies in developing the ability to notice the subtle differences that will make a significant impact in our lives?

What might these distinctions be?  Here are some to get you thinking …

  • What we can control vs. What we can’t control
  • What we need vs. What we want
  • What is important vs. What is unimportant
  • What is morally right vs. What is ethically wrong
  • What is factual vs. What is fictional (fabricated by our interpretation and imaginations)
  • What is undeniably true vs. What is seemingly true (but unvalidated)
  • What is essential vs. What is superficial
  • What is helping or enabling vs. what is hindering or limiting

The list goes on … now, what is the one new ‘wisdom’ that you will develop today that will make a difference in your life?  Tell me, for I’d love to benefit from it too.


Your Wise Dad


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